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(1) We only accept deposits in U.S $


(2) Total price = products + shipping + fix (7%).

fix = fee, service, insurance, etc.

(3) Please let me know the order number

through the LINE app after ordering.

If you don't contact us within a week, the order will be canceled.


[1] We send it to the address you selected when you payment.

Please check if the address is correct when you payment.

We don't ship to the address written on the homepage order form.

If the address is wrong, you have to make a deposit again.

I will refund it after you deposit it again.

In this case, we charge a fee of 14%.

[2] We can't write a price less than your purchase price on address(tax) paper.

[3] If it is returned, you will have to pay 'return fee and re-delivery fee'.

If you want a refund, we will give it excluding 'fix 7% and return fee'.


① The image and the actual product may differ slightly due to the difference in color between the monitor environment.

② There may be differences in quantity due to the process.

③ No water mark will be printed.

④ We have inspected all the products

and are sending them out without any problems.

⑤ Please check the specific information for each products

on the detail page of products.


★ Exchanges: Impossible

★ Refund: Impossible in principle, Possible in some cases

★ Cancellation: If you cancel order, you can not place an order again.

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